Justen Borrero got his first taste of artistic expression when he began painting in his elementary school's art class. It was something special about the ability to use your hands to create a masterpiece that sparked a deep rooted interest in the arts. While other young boys from his neighborhood in New York City, simply enjoyed comic books, Justen's love for the artwork on those pages, inspired something much bigger inside of him. It was work by legendary comic book artist, Michael Turner, that led him to study cartooning and animation in High School.

At 17 years old, Justen was introduced to the world of tattooing by an artist friend. His first year of training to become a tattoo artist, a determined Justen was all self taught. Using his fine arts education from SVA College and natural talent, Justen focused on gaining the fundamental techniques needs to be an excellent tattoo artist. He was also able to pull inspiration from the influential work of Luis Royo, Julie Bell and Borris, which eventually steered him into doing pinups, realism and portrait work. It was his hard work and talent that earned him respect from other long time tattoo artists in the community, who helped teach him along the way, furthering his already inherently master level skills.

Justen Borrero has been tattooing for 10 years and he specializes in realism and bio tattoos. He is an award winning tattoo artist and he is most proud of his 3rd place award given at the Rock the Ink Tattoo Convention in 2009 for a Jack Black portrait.

bio by:
Mika Kenyah - CEO of Sugar & Spikes, Writer, Actor, Tattoo Enthusiast