Steph Modified was born and raised in the cultural melting pot of New York City. As a child, Steph was surrounded by amazing artists in her family. From the very beginning it was clear that art was hereditary. Looking at her grandmother's paintings and her mother's drawings, was like looking at a reflection of her own innate passion for the arts.

Growing up Steph seeked ways to express her art. In school, she would find herself devoting more of her attention to drawing all over her notebooks in class than to the lessons being taught. Math and history took a back seat to other subjects like photography and film making. Perhaps the latter contributing to her ability to becoming a well rounded artist later in her career.

By age 16, Steph was introduced into the colorful world of tattoos by a friend. She always admired the way people could wear their art and it was at this time her mind began to wander how she could take her work from paper to skin. When her inked friend took her inside a real tattoo shop for the first time, Steph instantly fell in love. She immediately knew that being a tattoo artist would be her dream job and she then set out to make it a reality.

It may have taken years to find a suitable teacher whose seriousness to teach matched Steph's extreme eagerness to learn tattooing but she eventually found an excellent instructor. Steph was determined to extend her education further outside her apprenticeship and attended summer art programs, studying fine arts. She also took college courses for graphic design.

Steph Modified's goal as an artist is to put beautiful artwork on people that they will love forever. Being a diverse artist lends to her ability to master a wide array of styles. From traditional, neotraditional to color tattoos, Steph Modified loves what she does and it is evident in the quality of her work.

bio by:
Mika Kenyah - CEO of Sugar & Spikes, Writer, Actor, Tattoo Enthusiast